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>> alan: extreme heat across u.s. tonight dozen are dead including baby left in a car on a sweltering day. >> ama: a baby girl just a few months old died in indiana after she was left in a car in 105-degree heat. the is just one of at least 30 people who died from the record-setting heat that is scorching the nation. here's the latest. >> reporter: the extreme heat was blamed for a transformer fire in mid-town manhattan on saturday. manhole exploded igniting a minivan, and flames climbed 15 stores up the side of an apartment building. >> the car was completely in flames. getting the cav golding in flames -- cav golding in flames. >> 22 states were under heat advisories. >> just suffering and i can't form any coehart -- coherent thownts. >> the drought like conditions are driving up food prices for everyone. less than half the u.s. corn crop is in good condition. vegetable farmers in wisconsin, cattle farmers in oklahoma, both are saying the heat will cause prices to rise. >> i have had to sell assets or watch the animals tie. >> relief is on the way but not yet. the in
for this bridge. health sheth live for us on the new span. >> reporter: carolyn, we are on the westbound sky way but the camera is pointing eastward looking into the lights. when you are driving this bridge in just more than a year, when you are driving westbound you won't be looking into the lights like that. they will light your way forward. this is an $18 million lighting system that is more green and white than the old one because the color of the lights is white compared to the yellow and more green because it's 50% more efficient. they are supposed to last 15 years. >> five, four, three, two, one, go. >> whoa! >> reporter: nearly 24,000 individual l.e.d. lights lit up the new bay bridge tonight giving a glimpse what drivers will see in more than a year from now. when both sides are completed, 1500 fixtures will house them. creating a flat white light that does not shine into to opposing traffic. >> the buigt of this is commuter study for the lighting in the factory. so attach the fixture and put them wherever you want them. >> an iowa company designed the lighting. >> we used led's that ar
and still get it in the city. >> the club's owner would not go on camera but a spokesperson referred to us a recent quote. i don't go through the beverage control. we have our own federal health inspector. >> chant. [chanting] protesters tonight said the ban is everywhere. >> is can be enforced on the federal site. >> legal points differ, but the animal protection and rescue league says the issue is now being reviewed. >> we're waiting for a decision from the u.s. attorney's office as to how they're going to proceed with the presidio social club. >> inside the foie gras was being consumed as a special cider at $20 apiece. police tried to keep prosters away from the doors and one man tried to test the officer's patience and orders. he was eventually arrested for blocking the entrance to the restaurant and create agnew -- creating a new new sawns. we spoke to a french food magazine reporter who told us that all the publicity around hour the liver is produced is affecting the image of foie gras producers in france. abc-7 news. >> alan: federal maritime officials approved a new plan to keep wh
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in san jose. john alston is there live for us. >> reporter: and dan, they are hoping to get this casino open sometime next month. as you mentioned the parking lot is totally empty and building is vacant but you can sigh it's all lit up and that may not be for long because the police chief has given his blessing when certain conditions are met. >> it's quiet now but the owners are hoping that sometime next week these 49 tables will be hopping once gaming control gives final approval. >> we submitted all the documentation we believe they require. so as soon as we get feedback from them, early next week, we hope we can pick up the permit and later next week open the front doors. >> the police chief signed off the card room providing they meet certain conditions. it has to test the surveillance system making sure there is off-site tv monitors at the division of gaming control and they want to information tracking devices, showing player activity and how fees are collected and paid. city councilman says the outstanding issues are relatively minor. >> i think there are issues that will be res
know county. a viewer sent us you're ab video you're about to see. right now the fire is estimated 400 acres, and is 30% contained. no structures are threatened. the chp is investigating reports of a loud explosion before smoke was spotted. >>> just ahead, olympic gold, today's big winners. plus, the nfl tackles concussions, and they're happening bay area kids. >>> healthy drinking, the latest green trend coming up. >> leigh: temperatures will begin to warm slightly [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices and
. alan, take us through what happened. >> san francisco police are calling this a sensitive case. here is what we do know. it started with a short police pursuit that ended after the suspect slammed into a vehicle and burst into flames.ndercover police say undercover officers were trailing a suspectg driving this suv. they called a patrol car to pull him over. he took off and spread down brandon street and t boned this convertible at brandon and 6th street. the two occupants were taken to sf general in serious condition. a police officer at the scene told me an off duty san francisco sheriff's lieutenant just happened to be in the area. so when the suspect jumped out and started running, the sheriff lieutenant chased him down and arrested the suspect a block away. now, we also noticed a bullet hole in vehicle, ct's vehicle, but apparently that's one of the details that is case sensitive, and police are not commenting on it. again a fiery crash and police say the suspect seriously injured two innocent people before taking off and capturing them a block away. alan wang reporting live at
health and safety train can. >> there's a new law that requires dealers to mark used vehicles with bright red warning stickers if they're listed as junk, salvage or damaged by floods in the national take addiction. >> aldon smith is recovering after being stand as -- stabbed at a house party, his wounds are being described as mine you're. this is not expected to set him back. sheriffs deputies say shots were fired at a house around 2:00 a.m. this morning. that's in rural santacounty. county. aside from smith, deputies found two other people with gunshot wounds. they were all taken to the hospital. the investigators would not say how a fight was started. the 49ers say we're in contact with aldon and thankful his injuries were not more serious and he is recovering comfort reply. >> acknowledge armed robbery leads police on a chase that ended in guck gun fire. the suspect was spotted by officers and eventually crashed at the 600 block of sheridan. sergio quintana has the details. >> in the video shot by a neighbor you can hear officers shouting at the suspect. then a hale of gunfire. this wa
. this was the evergreen oil refinery change were shut down. tell us about that. >> evergreen is california largest waste oil rae cycling plant. in fact a lot of engine oil that may in your car may have been recycled right there at the plant. evergreen considers itself anronment environmentally friendly company but critic say it's far from it. on july 6 pipe leak spewed super heated liquid triggering emergency evacuation after toxic vapor were release released. accident mark the latest in a string of problems at evergreen oil refinery in newark. in march of last year a pipe burst igniting an explosion and fire. this past march hazmat crew pay another visit after 55 gallon drum blew open causing another vapor release. >> they seem to have a pattern problem. >>reporter: group called consumer watch dog says the california department of toxic substance control is failing to police evergreen oil after repeated violations near homes and schools. >> it's just simply unacceptable. let the company off the hook that way for years nishtion a statement evergreen would only respond to the july 6th incident.
-old james holmes calmly watched the movie along with everybody else, and then he got up and used his cell phone and went hid gear up with a bulletproof vest, a ballistic helmet, gas mask, tactile gloves and gear to cover his throat and legs. holmes went to the front of the theater and hurled two green canisters. >> i saw plumes of smoke. >> reporter: i spoke with emma who was in the theater. she stayed on scene for hours. she tells me thought i she thout had to be a prapg. >> he was such a nightmarish figure it couldn't have been real. >> then my worst nightmare happened. a guy in the corner had a semiautomatic weapon in his hand. you could see the explosions that were coming from the gun, the shotgun or whatever against the smoke background. >> one victim, a mother was hit in the leg. jay i remember thinking i am not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in here. >> it was chaos. >> he marched up and down the aisle using an arsonal, an assault gun and rifle and two blocks. he shot moments later to reload. police caught him in the parking lot. but police are not over.
bring about reform. one of negotiators 21 years ago but he thinks it's good for the u.s. and improve cooperation. >> everybody knows that the government has to be restructured and it has to be open. new labor laws have to be put into the books. >> as far as dealing with the drug cartels he thinks a solution is in the distant future. maybe not in the new president's power. >> it won't be solved for the next 10-15 years because mexico we don't have a real police or real courts. >> there are an estimated 10 million mexican nationals that could have cast absentee ballots. they couldn't get ballots because the election would have had a different outcome if they had. >> a man died after being shot at a public housing project in san francisco this evening just before 7:30 somebody opened fire on the victim a few blocks from the cow palace. he died after being rushed to san francisco general hospital. another shooting death this time in oakland police responded to a a fire call just before 5:30. they found a man in his 20s inside his car on sunset drive. he was actually shot about a mile awa
on this. sergio. >>reporter: l investigators tell us that they arrived in the neighborhood around 3:30 this afternoon. suspect house is actually jaws couple block away from where we are standing beyond the police uniform officers and the command post there. they tell us that they quickly realized they needed some back up. thinks a stand off now that is going on eight hours. s.w.a.t. team from fremont joined and police agency from the east bay rolled the arm or vehicle into place as part of the effort to capture 2 suspects and since investigators believe the pair has already shot at a police officer, they mobilize plenty of resources. >> the 2 individuals are barricaded inside a residence and they areshootingr shooting at chp officer last saturday evening. we are treating them armed and dangerous. >>reporter: highway patrol man had tried to pull over a white van near the 8 80 freeway hyde street saturday night. but was rammed from behind by a black accura that turned out to be stolen. the 2 men in the accura then shot out the rear window of the chp cruiser. the officer was n
, and abc7 news an ama dates was there and she joins us live in aurora, colorado. >> the turnout for the vigil was incredible. so many people showed up to pay their respects to those killed in the movie theater shooting. as one man said to me, there was a sense of family. a pledge from the community of aurora to the 12 people shot and killed in friday's movie theater shooting. this vigil at the aurora municipal center brought together family, friends and the ever watchful eye of police. but this wasn't a time to be afraid. no gunman can shake this city's spirit. >> he will get his. >> reporter: many here didn't know any of the victims, but it makes no difference. >> everyone is affected in one way or another because of this tragedy. >> and together they stand. >> it is aurora. it is what we do. >> and they have been doing it all day bringing messages of love to the scene of the tragedy. greg even made a wooden cross for each victim and drove 16 hours from illinois to place them here permanently. >> we want to show the family members that we will not forget their names. we just le
but she came over i lost my nerve ♪ ♪ i took her back and made her dessert now i know i'm being used that's okay man ♪ ♪ 'cause i like the abuse i know she's playing with me that's okay 'cause i've got no self esteem ♪ ♪ ohh way oh yeah ohh yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ohh way oh yeah ohh yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ohh way oh yeah ohh yeah, yeah ♪ >>> spectacular fireworks lit up the night sky. this display from sky7hd. and then there were the illegal ones, this is also from sky7hd showing one of dozens illegal fire shows in oakland tonight. >>> the street side fireworks shows may be illegal but it doesn't stop dozens of displays from going off. hi, alan. >> we are in front of the office depot where you can see the sky over west oakland. it's been quite a show tonight. arguably on july the 4th oakland has the most spectacular illegal fireworks in the bay area. across the city we have been watching the show this evening. a flurry of commercial grade fireworks accompanied by the explosion of illegal m-80s and texas sized bottle rockets. the big concern is fire in this densely populated area but oak
reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with the latest for us. lisa? >> carolyn, the santa cruz county sheriff's department is in charge of this investigation, and right now they are here still gathering evidence at this time. but it is causing quite a problem along the laurel curve and highway 17. here's what we know what happened today. at 8:18 tonight, chp dispatchers put out what is known as an aide call to all sheriff departments in the area to respond to highway 17. the probation officer is from santa clara county, and he called for help himself. this after being shot. it is not clear how he was shot in the upper leg, but chp reports that two people were arrested soon after the shooting. in fact, one car was just towed away, and that car according to a witness belonged to the suspect. but since that time, highway 17 southbound at this hour is as you mentioned, carolyn, still a mess. traffic is backed up southbound to the summit. the investigation into what happened still continues. officers will be out here for several more hours. live along highway 17 tonight,ly say amin gulezian, abc7
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on his waist and he let it go off. >> she used to live in cupertino. they started to check on her friday morning because they know the theater is where she usually goes for big movie premieres. >> they know we live in this area and we love to go to the movies. >> she came back for her car but really didn't want to be there. >> malea did not return to the theater. >> it was just total chaos. >> they live in san rafael but flew there with her mother and convinced them to to go to the midnight showing with friends. >> you worry whether they can drive to the theater. it never occurred to us to worry about something like this. >> the girls were one theater over from the shooting but a bullet pierced the wall and hit their friend. >> he had a hall about this big in his forearm and blood was coming out of it. >> they returned out the theater to get help for their friend who they say is good spirits today. >> reporter: they all say it's very surreal but the girls and mom seem to be doing well. also the girls were friendly and giggling together and they are not going to let them stop them from li
up a few degrees and that warming trend is taking us into your saturday and even beyond saturday. this is the hot air mass that has a grip on the central and eastern united states providing them with a blistering heat. it's the heat and humidity creating the excessive heat warnings and heat advisories for a good part of the country. what is going to happen, this is finally going to shift towards the west. a cold front will move into the midwest bringing significant relief from the heat starting on sunday and east coast will get relief on monday. as this large bubble of hot air shifts to the west we're going to see warmer conditions. warmer for your saturday, but this will really hit the peak when you hit into tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow morning, limited fog near the coast. most areas starting out in the 50s. cloverdale 49 degrees and watch what happens to the fog. it's very limited and it's going to clear away for most of bay area except for a few paf7s. 90s inland and 60s along the coastline. warmer for most of the bay area. here are the specific in the south bay, 84 in san
[ cheers and applause ]. >> jimmy: "the lion the beast the beat" is out now. playing us off the air with "turntable" see the full performance at once again, thank you for watching. good night everybody. >> thanks for coming. drop by anymore, jimmy. >> i'm a fan of yours. good night. ♪ [ typing ] ♪ ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] ♪ gets her every time. [ male announcer ] it's hard to resist the craveable nature of the salty peanuts, dark chocolate, and smooth peanut butter in nature valley sweet & salty nut bars. irresistible. by nature valley. >> and we begin tonight in los angeles where occupy protestors are squaring off against mrichlts you can see the police line here. protest began as part of monthly art walk in downtown la still unclear exactly what caused the confrontation. >> occupy protestors are claiming police shot rubber bullet and there are report of protestors throwing bottles at police. according to the los angeles times at least 12 people have been arrested. but tense on the streets of los angeles tonight. >> also delevoping news in new york
out of time. watch us in primetime alongside game 3 of the nba finals on sunday with our guest tracy morgan. thank you for watching tonight. good night. ♪ >> happening in the south bay. san jose firefighters dousing a fire right now started just 90 minutes ago by illegal fireworks. the blaze in tsilved silver creek district broke out not far from several homes and heritage bay place but held just to an acre or so. firefighters say they found these fire crackers at the scene. >> we found only evidence of fireworks used fireworks on the ground right near the grass and then after interviewing one of the residents he did actually see fireworks go off right here in this area and then saw a group of kids run away from the scene. >>reporter: that label on the box makes clear the problem it says shoots flaming ball. not what you want around dry grass this time of year. police are looking for the kid weighs speak. >> good evening. carolyn has the night off. now with the fourth of july holiday coming wednesday firefighters all over the bay area will be on high alert. illegal fireworks
saden us and we hope people still come out to the horse racing and enjoy the fai fair. like i said this is very rare incident. doesn't happen often at all and many, but l racing will continue tomorrow. >>reporter: fair organizers say they also plan to hold some kind of memorial at some point in honor of hererra by the time the fair closes on sunday. live in pleasanton, abc 7 news. >>> l we have more breaking news. 3-year-old boy was shot and killed inside a gilroy home in what appears to be an accidental shooting. shooting happened on kent wood court off third street. the gilroy dispatch reports that the boy either accidentally shot himself with a handgun or accidentally shot by a friend who was playing with a gun. police confirm that the boy is the son of san jose police officer. >>> santa clara county prosecutors have filed charges against 5 members of the same family accusing them of neglec neglecting residents of the care home they ran. you can see 4 suspects here. all remain free on bail. san jose police say the home on fortune drive operated without a state license.
degrees. big changes tomorrow. will be to the north. it will cool us down, and it will feel like february. a live look now from the high definition rooftop cams. the wind is picking up northwesterly and 20 miles per hour at the coast. we have 22 at sfo. live doppler 7hd is showing you the fog is starting to move into parts of marin county right now. a little to the west of roanoke park, the fog is heading toward the petaluma area and over the golden gate bridge. larkspur and up to san rafael, it is starting to enter in. there is a report of light fog over by berkeley and even oakland near the marina. half moon bay is sacked in and it will push this further inland. you can see the timing by the 4:00, 5:00 commute hour tomorrow morning. you can see just how widespread this low cloudiness is. we are also going to throw in the mist and the drizzle. we had numerous flight delays this morning because of the dense overcast at sfo international. fyi, there could be delays as well tomorrow. as we get to the latter part of the afternoon this fog will back off to just near the coast. we will look fo
provided us video of operations. it is a combination of two drugs that suppressed the appetite and make a person feel full. during tests, patients lost nearly 10% of their weight. the drug is designed only for adults who are seriously overweight or obese, and they have conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. it is not supposed to be a quick fix miracle pill. according to a bear yacht trick surgeon -- bear -- bari bariatric surgeon. >> there oming weight coming off if they are not doing the exercise program and tree deuced calories. it has to be a complex approach that involves specialists in medical weight loss to achieve a good result. >> it comes with some health risks. they include memory loss, confusion and increased heart rate and birth defects, specifically cleft ballot. women should not take the drug when they are pregnant or become pregnant. it follows a long line of diet pills that caused health problems, most notably fen-phen which was known for damaging heart valves. >> we have had a gap here of more than a decade without any useful medications for obesity. and th
asked us not to accept more we can't say no. >> why? >> because the animal will get eaten. if it is a give away goat on the market. >> ken and nancy have set up a goat rescue even though they are limited to 45 animals. the goats are causing serious problems in the pry set estate section of pen grove. full of large homes on manicured lawns. first of all they are escape artists. >> as you can see in the pictures i over 22 goats in my ward. there is a hole in my fence so my neighbor's goats were visiting. >> there is is a pool and a cover and they can fall in that, and they were getting caught in between the electric pool cover. they ate all of our vegetation. they ate all of the good stuff. >> the goats have eaten the bark off the trees on ken and nancy's property, killing them and giving neighbors a clear view of the mess. when it rains all of their manure washes down the creek in the neighbor's yard. a local pond tested high for e-coli. >> it is smelly, there are more flies. it is a health hazard. >> we all abide by the laws. we just expect the laws to be equally enforced.
swelling. his family believes police used too much force. >> i don't think they were trying to hurt him. i just don't know why when someone is asking for help that they end up almost dying. >> it is a dangerous situation when you have somebody threatening to harm themselves with the knife out in public, but it actually moves in an aggressive manner toward the officers. we think they showed great restraint in utilizing the devices they had rather than resorting to deadly force. >> and police are still investigating, so we don't have all of the facts in the case just yet. but again the family just wonders if more could have been done, if they could have negotiated longer. the dad is going around the neighborhood where it happened and trying to find anybody who may have surveillance video of what happened. in san jose, ama dates, abc news. >> thank you, ama. >>> a bicyclist died in a crash after being hit by a dump truck in downtown berkeley. it happened after 3:30 on bancroft way into near fulton street. sky 7hd flew over the scene. the victim is a man in his 60s. investigators believe the d
and this stuff and i was talking to him and saying you are hurt. you are going to be okay. just let us take care out of. these kinds of things. he gave me a thumb up at one point. >> grass is keeping his fingers crossed that the officer makes a full recovery. the chp is calling him and everyone else who helped out that day a team of hero. >> i have been in the milityar for 16 years. this is what one is supposed to do. >> chp says due to privacy concerns they can't elaborate on the officer condition but he remains at the no, sir condition. in san jose 7 news. >> let's hope for his recovery lil yap thank you very much. >> in albany tonight a land grab by occupiers brings out a huge crowd. dispute over a piece of land owned by uc berkeley. gill tract is located near san pablo and marin marin avenue. allen wong live tonight at the albany community center with the story. allen? >> occupy farm members pass out squash and pickle they say they harvested and jarred over the weekend. on the east bayshore line 6 acre of land is a lot of land. that's what they are fateing over tonight. the
for future future for us and for other cities. >> google conceded there are other places to build apartments in mountain view, but they won't be able to build on the north bay shore area that they own. again, city council voted tonight not to allow residential housing in the north bay shore area. reporting live in mountain view, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. >>> in contra costa county, the cause of a 12-acre fire that tied up the evening commute for many bay area drivers is under investigation tonight. sky 7hd was over this grass fire burning along highat will 4 at willow pass road in bay point. we believe those are piles of lumber burning in the middle of the field. the fire broke out around 5:00 this evening and forced the clough is sure of all westbound lanes of highway 4 until crews could get this fire under control. no homes were threatened, and no one was injured. >>> in northern california two fires burning out of control have spread across 17,000 acres. the worst are burning in the mendocino national forest. the mills fire scorched 13,000 acres and counting. crews are fac
to the domestic violence charges. tl amma live at city hall for us. >> in two hours lopez spent answering questions from the district attorney city attorney peter keith and she wanted to make it extremely clear that she never wanted the video of bruised arm to go public. lopez arrived at city wall a smile. her husband suspended sheriff mirkarimi appeared minutes later cheer from a crowd of supporters. >> just wonderful to see my waive and sea all her supporters here. >>reporter: she saw her for more than 3 hours as she testified before the ethic commission investigating charges. lopez described how her arm.d how >> he grab my army say stop. >>reporter: the couple had been ring aing. >> i was angry he grabbed my arm in front of my son. >> why did that concern you? >> not only that the profanity i think was worse for me. >>reporter: lopez says the couple agreed on counciling to work on the marriage. something she had wanted for the past year. >> i think he has irrational fear to lose us. each time i have each time i to venzuela to work. >>reporter: she wept to her neighbor madison wh
against using taxpayer money and instead she will testify by video. the mayor suspended mirkarimi after he pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge. >> occupiers return to an elementary school after police cleared them out early this morning. a group of about 30 people showed up at lake view elementary including a parent who was arrested earlier today. this time protestors did not set up a camp. they are upset. lake view elementary is among four schools that senior closing. oakland police moved in and cleared dozens of occupiers out who had been sleeping at the school. they returned this evening but did not set up a new camp. >>> up next, brazen bike robbery, a man's $10,000 bike taken at gunpoint. >> look at this an suv going airborne, what had to this stretch of highway that caused that near tragedy. that is all coming up and later on "nightline". >>> coming up next on "nightline", a missing millionaire and a nasty legal battle putting his wife against his mother inside a $100 million mystery. and governor chris these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes l
, however, who was across the street from the movie theater, and he told us as far as he could tell this was a drive by shooting. >> there was a bunch of kids out here playing and going to see spider-man. the car pulled up and started shooting. >> then what happened? >> everybody started running. that's pretty much it. >> that same witness says he saw of the five victims at least one was a young woman. oakland police say none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. 234* other news, firefighters have been on their toes all day stamping out wildfires across the bay area. abc7's thomas roman has been on his toes covering at least three of the wildfires. he is live in el cerrito where mutual aid played a key role. thomas? >> alan, these grass fires were put out quickly because fire agencies were helping each other out. during the dry and windy weather they are doing all they can to knock the small fires down before they become firestorms. in bay point a grass fire blackened 20 acres. the fire came close to homes. the fire burned near t
councilman paul more rirks the alleged victim of a july 3rd attack did not want to speak with us today. >> councilman morris? >> morris is president of this company and served as a san pab bloi councilman since 2. he says on july 3rd he went to a home to interviews himself to the tenant of a hom compan his company recently acquired. morris told them he was on the doorstep when a man suddenly ran out yelling get out! get out! and punched him in the chest. he fell backwards and the last thing he remembers is hitting his head on the concrete. >> there is no reason to believe he was attacked because he was a council person. i don't even think he had time to tell the person he was the new property manager. >> it was then they say things took a bizarre turn. morris told police he was driven in his car unconscious and left inside near the entrance to the golden gate racetrack in albany. that's alone up alone in the car and seated on the passenger side. windows open and car key and smart phone within reach. he would then push the alert but done in his car sending an emergency call to first r
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